Creekside Gathering Place

House Concert Series. Oct. 27 and Dec. 2, 2023

House Concert Series

The small, friendly, intimate space at Creekside Gathering Place creates a distinctive setting for a concert. This fall we have two solo concerts highlighting unique instruments and amazing musicians. The evening includes refreshments. Come gather around the warm fire and meet new friends while enjoying an evening of music and merriment.

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Vibraphone Performance by Michael Giunta

Come experience this amazing instrument at the proficient hands of Michael Giunta. He will take us on a journey of genres while interacting with audience members.

Within the wide scope of what it means to be a percussionist, Michael Giunta’s background is in performing orchestral percussion/timpani, Jazz, Afro-Cuban percussion, and Contemporary Music. Having been a part of numerous commissions of new-music and over thirty world premieres, Michael is avidly seeking out new and adventurous works for percussion instruments to expand the repertoire. As an orchestral percussionist, he has previously served as section percussion/assistant timpani with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra for two seasons, and currently plays with several regional orchestras around the central Michigan area.

Harp Performance by Chiyun Casellas

Enjoy the coming winter and holiday season with the enchanting sounds of the harp. Chiyun will play a variety of genres on the harp while interacting with audience members.

A Taiwanese native, Chiyun Casellas started learning the harp at age 16. She attended a Taiwanese music conservatory studying both the harp and the piano. Chiyun was instructed in harp performance by Chi-Mei Huang and Alicia McQuay in Taiwan at the and the US, respectively. Chiyun plays multiple genres of music on the harp, including jazz, classical, romantic, religious, movie tracks, and other modern music. She has played with various symphony orchestras, band, chamber, and harp ensembles, including performing a symphony premiere composed by Randy Kartchner.

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Vibraphone Concert

  • Friday, Oct. 27
  • 7:30 – 9:00pm
  • Attendance limited to 24
  • Cost – $30 per person
  • Refreshments included.


Harp Concert

  • Saturday, December 2
  • 7:30 – 9:00 pm
  • Attendance limited to 24
  • Cost – $30 per person
  • Refreshments included.