Creekside Gathering Place

Barn Concert Saturday, June 1

Barn Concert

The small, friendly, intimate space at Creekside Gathering Place creates a distinctive setting for a concert. This June we have a beautiful solo concert highlighting Native American flutes. Come gather to enjoy an evening of music and merriment. The evening includes refreshments.

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David Meeder, Musician

The Art and Soul of the Native American Flute

The Native American flute has a long, meaningful history and experienced musician David Meeder will share his knowledge in conversation and performance. Native American flutes comprise a wide range of designs, sizes, and variations—far more varied than most other classes of woodwind instruments. During his concert, David will explain some of the origin, history, cultural significance, care and feeding of this ancient instrument. The simple and elegant nature of the instrument allows a musician to bring their own unique emotion and interpretation to the music and we are happy to have David Meeder share his mastery of this amazing instrument.

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  • Saturday, June 1
  • 7:30 – 9:00pm
  • Attendance limited to 24
  • Cost – $30 per person
  • Refreshments included.

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