Creekside Gathering Place

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What times may I have my gathering?

The earliest we gather is 7:00am and we close down at 9:00pm.

What is the parking capacity?

The parking lot has space for a tight 25 cars. If you have more than 25 people, please plan on carpooling. There is a park and ride lot 10 minutes from Creekside Gathering Place, located at the Woodbury Road/Hwy 69 east bound entrance/exit.

Do you provide food and beverages?

There will be water, coffee, tea, sodas, sweet and savory snacks and a homemade treat during your visit. Meals are not served unless provided with a special workshop.

Can I bring my own food? Is there a kitchen?

You may bring your own food and beverages. The catering kitchen is there for your use. It has a separate entrance for delivery during meetings. There is a refrigerator, microwave, and dishes and utensils available. There is no oven or stovetop.

Is there a local caterer or restaurants?

Laingsburg offers Tammy’s Bakery, Subway Sandwiches, The Dairy Den, and Twilliger’s. Here are a couple of nearby caterers: James Avenue and Grand Traverse Pie Company

Is technology available?

The barn is equipped with wireless internet, speakers, and a smart television also effective for projection

Can I move the furniture around to meet my event?

We can definitely make the space fit your event: more or fewer tables and chairs, open space, only chairs. Let us know what you are thinking and we can prepare just what you need.

Can I have a children’s event?

Creekside Gathering Place is not opposed to having children, but the space is not set up with them in mind. Just one mile down the road is the Peacock Family Farm complete with an animal petting area and loads of places to play. Check them out!